Protests against the AUKUS alliance

Nuclear powered submarines center US, UK, Australia military alliance

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The AUKUS alliance, which was announced in September 2021, is designed to shore up deterrence and promote stability in the Indo-Pacific region. It involves the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia and focuses on collaboration in defense and technology.

The alliance’s main focus is on improving deterrence against China, which has become increasingly assertive in the region. AUKUS will enhance the interoperability of the three countries’ military forces and facilitate the development of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and cyber capabilities, to maintain a technological edge over China.

One of the key goals of the alliance is to promote stability in the Indo-Pacific region by strengthening the capacity of countries to defend their own interests. AUKUS is also aimed at strengthening the rules-based international order and promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific, which is critical to the security and prosperity of the region.

The alliance has been met with criticism from China, which sees it as an attempt to contain its rise. However, the United States has emphasized that the alliance is not about containing China, but rather about promoting regional stability and security.

The three countries have also emphasized that the alliance is open to other partners in the region who share their values and strategic outlook. They have invited other countries to join the alliance or engage in trilateral cooperation in areas such as defense, technology, and infrastructure.

Overall, the AUKUS alliance represents a significant step forward in regional security cooperation. By improving the capacity of countries to defend themselves and promoting stability in the Indo-Pacific, the alliance will help to maintain peace and security in the region for years to come.