Grumman E-2C Hawkeyes of VAW-115 fly past Mount Fuji.

US approves sale of four E-2D Hawkeye airborne early warning aircraft to Japan

Air warfare

The US government has approved the sale of four E-2D Advanced Hawkeye airborne early warning aircraft to Japan, a deal worth almost $1.4 billion. The sale, which includes related equipment and support services, will enhance Japan’s ability to conduct airborne surveillance and command and control missions.

The E-2D Advanced Hawkeye is a highly capable aircraft that provides situational awareness and command and control capabilities. It is equipped with advanced radar systems and communications equipment, allowing it to detect and track threats at long ranges and provide real-time information to commanders.

Japan already operates older versions of the E-2 Hawkeye aircraft, but the new E-2D Advanced Hawkeye will provide significant improvements in capability. The aircraft will be able to operate from both land and sea-based platforms, providing enhanced flexibility and range.

The sale of the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye to Japan is part of a wider effort to strengthen the US-Japan security alliance. The US has been working closely with Japan to modernize its military capabilities and improve interoperability between US and Japanese forces.

The approval of the sale comes as tensions continue to rise in the Asia-Pacific region, with China’s military expansion and North Korea’s nuclear program presenting significant challenges to regional security. The E-2D Advanced Hawkeye will enhance Japan’s ability to monitor and respond to these threats, improving the overall security situation in the region.

The sale is also likely to be welcomed by the US defense industry, which has been hit hard by budget cuts in recent years. The sale of advanced military equipment to allies like Japan provides a boost to US defense contractors and helps to sustain jobs in the industry.

The E-2D Advanced Hawkeye has been a key platform for the US Navy and has been used in a variety of roles, including air defense, surveillance, and search and rescue. The sale to Japan is likely to further enhance the aircraft’s reputation as a highly capable and versatile platform.